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Throughout the career of any doctor, there will be many significant investment milestones. In this video series,  expert medical finance specialists provide specific, beneficial insights to help doctors navigate the financing of anything from a first practice to their third investment property.

Episode 1: Residential finance for doctors

In this episode Jesse Canon and Daniel Pike discuss specific strategies for doctors to acquire their first dream home or subsequent investment and holiday properties in a volatile market.

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Episode 2: Practice set-up finance

With a focus on practice set-up, medical finance specialists Jesse Canon and Daniel Pike unveil valuable borrowing insights to assist doctors on their practice owning journey.

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Episode 3: Why is loan structuring important?

In this episode, expert loan specialist Jacqui Lombard, discusses the many implications of customised loan structuring. Some great opportunities exist!

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Episode 4: SMSF finance for doctors

Find out the ins and outs of utilising your self managed super fund to acquire commercial and residential property, with significant potential tax and retirement benefits.

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Episode 5: Maximising borrowing power and favourable lending policy

An episode unveiling some of the secrets available to doctors to maximise your borrowing power and understand how lending policies can help you. How does your debt to income ratio or net monthly surplus affect your potential?

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Episode 6: Conveyancing

When purchasing property, conveyancing is a necessity. Learn how and why it’s smart to team up with Avant Law who understand doctors and can also fulfil much more than just your conveyancing legal needs.

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Episode 7: Equipment and motor vehicle finance for doctors

Medical professionals looking to buy equipment or a motor vehicle have some excellent opportunities for quick and flexible financing solutions. Learn more about the options in this specialised episode.

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